Record your Music

Recording music is a really a great to way to express your feelings.

Bad thing is that it costs you a lot to record in a professional recording studio. Producing an album can be easy if you know how to mix and master the track in Cubase though.

But if you have no clue whatsover you can almost destroy a nicely recorded song cause of his lack of sound quality.

Don’t worry though cause our friends in Greece now have the ability to learn music production from a sound engineer and producer from Greece with the name Paschalis.

His website is new and he updates the blog frequently!

So visit his website to learn cubase music production tips with his expertise you will create fantastic sounding tracks.

Stay tuned for more music production tips!

I love cold weather

Well Sweden is the best country. It’s cold but the people are warm there.

Also there are many metal people, it’s so great :D

Swedish metal really rocks I am telling you!!”D

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